What is Crossroad Lending?

Crossroad Lending has the largest network of entertainment based financing in the nation. Our lending marketplace connects consumers with multiple lenders, banks, credit partners and private investors who all compete for your business. Our team of highly accomplished professionals has expertise in all aspects of entertainment related finance, production and distribution.


We connect you with multiple lenders who provide customized loan offers based on the type of loan or equity needed. Applicants can receive up to 10 offers that best match the type of loan parameters you are looking for. Customers can use Crossroad Lending tools and advisors to help evaluate loan options. Crossroad Capital can also introduce you with extremely qualified entertainment attorneys who specialize in these type of transactions to negotiate on your behalf.


Lenders pay us for the chance to compete for your business. We pass your project application to select Lenders who then provide you a customized loan offer based on your request. Crossroadlending.com is completely free to use, but if you decide to take out a loan you will be responsible for any processing fees, closing costs, or other fees as normally required by the lender.


Customers interested in a loan complete a short online application. Feel free to call us along the way at 1-818-208-0123. If you have questions, one of our loan officers can help walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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